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Genealogy Report for Nathan Abernathy

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Descendants of Nathan Abernathy

Generation No. 1

1. NATHAN6 ABERNATHY (MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1)1 was born Abt. 1790 in Lincoln County, North Carolina2, and died August 1871 in Bartow County, Georgia3. He married EVE CLINE4 January 20, 1808 in Lincoln County, North Carolina4, daughter of VALENTINE KLEIN and ANNA CANSLER.

About 1845 at the age of 55, Nathan Abernathy and his wife Eve moved to Cass County, Georgia near the Etowah River. Their sons had moved to Georgia to accept jobs at the new Ironworks in Etowah, Georgia.

In 1844, Moses Stroup and Mark Anthony Cooper began an expansion of the Ironworks by building a larger, more efficient furnace capable of making holloware. such as skillets. Two years later, they began a rolling mill with which to make railroad tracks and bar iron. It was in operation by 1849. By 1859, Etowah also had carpentry shops, a nail and spike factory, a barrel factory, a corn mill, a gold and copper mine and 12,000 acres of land in four counties. At its peak, Etowah Village had a work force of between 500 and 600 laborers. The employees included miners, furnace operators, mill operators, carpenters, timber cutters and charcoal manufacturers. The thriving town had a combination school and church, a boarding house, a bordello, a bank, a brewery, a company store and log cabins for the workers and their families (REFERENCE: "The Story of the Community of Etowah", by Robert S. Davis, Jr., North Georgia Journal, Volume 5, Issue 1, Spring 1988)

Nathan and his sons and other families from North Carolina formed the community that became known as Macedonia which was very close to Etowah. Nathan owned lot Number 422 in the 21st District and 2nd Section of Cass(now Bartow) County.

During the Civil War, many of the Abernathys were excused from military service to work in the Ironworks to manufacture war products for the Confederacy. Bardy, Daniel, Elihu, Linford, Wilson and Zephaniah worked as blacksmiths at the Etowah Manufacturing and Mining Company. They were also Members of Captain Stock's Company, 17th Battalion, Georgia State Guards, known as the "Etowah Guards." Apparently, they never saw combat.

In May of 1864, the Union Army of the Ohio moved into Etowah and destroyed the mills, town and furnaces. After the war, the remains of Etowah Village were forgotten. Except for the remains of one furnace, the entire site that was Etowah now lies beneath the waters of Lake Allatoona. Much of the Macedonia site remains above water, including the old Macedonia Cemetery where Nathan and Eve are probably buried.

Census: North Carolina 1820 1830 1840, Georgia 1850 1870
Namesake: Nathan Abernethy, son of Robert and Sarah
Property: Lot 422, District 21, Section 2, Cass County 40 acres

More About EVE CLINE:
Namesake: Eva Maria Klein, Grandmother
Property: 310 acres Lincoln County, North Carolina (Book 23,Ppage 523)

i. ELIZABETH7 ABERNATHY5, b. Abt. 1808, Lincoln County, North Carolina6; m. WILLIAM SUMMEY, August 28, 1826, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
2. ii. ISAIAH ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1810, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
3. iii. SETH ABERNATHY, b. July 06, 1811, Lincoln County, North Carolina; d. January 23, 1899, Georgia.
iv. SARAH ELIZABETH ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1813; m. JOHN FRANKLIN GOODMAN, October 10, 1833, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
4. v. DANIEL ABERNATHY, b. April 1818, Lincoln County, North Carolina; d. March 13, 1904, Bartow County, Georgia.
5. vi. JAMES ALEXANDER ABERNATHY, b. November 1821, Lincoln County, North Carolina; d. September 17, 1905, Big Fork, Polk County, Arkansas.
6. vii. LINFORD ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1823, Lincoln County, North Carolina; d. March 1903, Bartow County, Georgia.
viii. DARIUS ABERNATHY7, b. Abt. 1824, Lincoln County, North Carolina7; d. October 17, 1904, Gaston, Montgomery County, Arkansas.
ix. BARBARA S. ABERNATHY7, b. Abt. 1826, Lincoln County, North Carolina7.
x. BARD LINTON ABERNATHY7, b. October 04, 1827, Lincoln County, North Carolina8; d. June 18, 1914, Bartow County, Georgia; m. MATILDA BRADSHAW9.


Cartersville, Georgia, Thursday, March 16, 1905

Rev. Abernathy tells of
Things of Long Ago

A Pioneer Citizen

Traveled Three Hundred Miles
Without Crossing a Railroad
Fording the Streams

"The cold weather has kept me in or I would have been down earlier
to settle my subscription," said Rev. Bard Abernathy of Stamp Creek,
as he seated himself in a chair of the news office on one of the recent
bright days following the Blizzard.

"I was one of the first subscribers to the newspapers in this town" he
continued, "I took the old Standard and Express and all of the papers
that have come on after it right straight along to now, and I can't begin
to do without your paper, that is right up to the times".

"You were among the early settlers," we ventured carefully.

"Yes, my father moved here from Lincoln County, North Carolina in
1836. I was a very youg boy at the time and we came in a wagon
across the country traveling 300 miles and never crossing a railroad
track and forded nearly all the rivers as we found only two or three
bridges over streams on the whole trip."

"The Indians had just gone and we could see their bark shanties they
had left about in the woods. There were only pig trails over most of
the territory around here and human habitations were far apart."

"Living near them, you knew the old Cooper Works on their better days,"
we queried.

"Perfectly, perfectly," he said. "People from far and near came to buy
these wares and iron before the war, and during the war a contract was
made with the Confederate government for supplying cannon and cannon
balls for the army."

"Why, they were a very ???? looking gun, made each bore and many of
them were turned loose on the Yankees to their sorrow, I reckon."

"Here let me pay you, I might tire you and talk longer," and he drew a
wallet well wound with cords from his pocket and as he went out at the
door he turned his face inward to finally ???? "Send me up some writing
material and I will tell you the ???? and ???? from Macedonia settlement
where lots of Abernathys live."

xi. PHILLIP ABERNATHY10, b. October 10, 1828, Lincoln County, North Carolina10; d. October 16, 1902, Big Fork, Polk County, Arkansas.
xii. HENRY ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1829, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
xiii. MARY ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1830, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
xiv. ZEPHANIAH ABERNATHY10, b. February 20, 1831, Lincoln County, North Carolina10; d. February 16, 1916.

Generation No. 2

2. ISAIAH7 ABERNATHY (NATHAN6, MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1)10 was born Abt. 1810 in Lincoln County, North Carolina11. He married MARY J. FORTNER June 15, 1833 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

i. ?8 ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1835, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
ii. ? ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1837, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
iii. EVE ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1839, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
iv. JEHU J. ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1841, Lincoln County, North Carolina.
v. NANCY C. ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1846, Bartow County, Georgia.
vi. MARY M. ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1847, Bartow County, Georgia; d. Abt. 1880; m. HENRY ABERNATHY.
vii. JEPTHA NICHOLAS ABERNATHY, b. November 20, 1849, Bartow County, Georgia; d. April 07, 1921, Cherokee County, Alabama.
viii. ZEPHANIAH N. ABERNATHY, b. February 09, 1852, Bartow County, Georgia; d. August 17, 1922, Cherokee County, Alabama.
ix. SUSAN ABERNATHY, b. September 24, 1856, Bartow County, Georgia; d. April 09, 1907; m. JOHN TIDWELL.

Burial: Old Macedonia Cemetery

Burial: Old Macedonia Cemetery

3. SETH7 ABERNATHY (NATHAN6, MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1)11 was born July 06, 1811 in Lincoln County, North Carolina12, and died January 23, 1899 in Georgia13. He married ELIZABETH BRADSHAW13,14 August 07, 1834 in Lincoln County, North Carolina14, daughter of JOHN BRADSHAW and MARY SHUTLEY.

Seth and other sons of Nathan Abernathy and Eve Cline, moved from Lincoln County to Cass County, Georgia after 1846 to work at the Etowah Ironworks. The 1850 Census shows Seth's occupation as collier. He probably was involved in the manufacture or transportation of charcoal for the furnaces. His brothers, James and Daniel are listed as woodcutters. His sister Elizabeth's husband, William Summy was also a collier.

At the time of Governor Joe Brown's 1863 state militia census, Seth was identified as a farmer. In 1864, he accompanied his brother-in-law, James Keever to Atlanta to retrieve the clothing and collect the pay of James two sons, who has died in Confederate service. Daniel F. Keever and Thomas J. Keever enlisted in Bartow County in 1862 and both died in Confederate hospitals in Atlanta. James Keever and Seth signed an oath, which is now on file at the Georgia Archives, stating that James was the father of the two boys.

Some time after 1864 and before 1870, Seth moved his entire family to Yell County, Arkansas. He may have done this because of the destruction of the Etowah Community during the war. Two of his sons, Nathan and John, were married in Arkansas. Eventually, the entire family moved back to Bartow County or Cherokee County, Georgia.

The following article appeared in the November 18, 1897 edition of the Cartersville "The Current American":


"Up in the Stamp Creek District of this county about eight miles from Cartersville, there lives an old coiple whose descendents reach even to the fifth generation and who are yet enjoying good health and look after their home affairs and little farm just as they did long years ago.

The subject of this sketch is Mr. Seth Abernathy and his wife. Mr. Abernathy was born July 6, 1811 and his wife, Miss Elizabeth Bradshaw is his junior by five years having been born October 3, 1816. They were married August 7, 1834 and eight children were born to them, six of whom are living and two have preceded their parents to the great beyond and to wait for their coming on the other shore.

Of the living, there are three boys and three girls the oldest of whom is about sisty years old.These six are all married and have together thirty two children of the next generation there are thirty six and of the next there are two children who are the great great grandchildren of Seth and his wife.

Altogether there are seventy six descendents of this grand old couple, all of whom ??? and honor them and look up to them for advice and counsel.

Mr. Abernathy works in the fields every pleasent day and only a few days ago picked twenty five pounds of cotton from little patches near his house and his wife looks after her daily household affairs.

This is indeed a remarkable old couple at the ages of eighty six and eighty respectively , both are in vigorous health."

Census: Georgia 1850, Georgia Militia 1863, Arkansas 1870
Namesake: Seth Abernethy, brother of Nathan
Occupation: Collier, Etowah Manufacturing and Mining Company
Residence: North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Georgia

Census: Georgia 1850 1900, Arkansas 1870

i. MARY8 ABERNATHY15, b. Abt. 183515.
ii. ELIHU RICHARD ABERNATHY15, b. September 02, 1838, Lincoln County, North Carolina16; d. July 09, 1903, Georgia; m. MALINDA M. GEORGE.
iii. ELIZA ABERNATHY17, b. Abt. 1841, Lincoln County, North Carolina17; m. JOSEPH H. WILLIAMS, September 01, 1859, Bartow County, Georgia.
iv. JOHN FRANKLIN ABERNATHY17, b. August 30, 1843, Lincoln County, North Carolina18; d. October 05, 1930, Bartow County, Georgia18; m. JOICY E. MCGEE19, January 07, 1875, Casa, Perry, Arkansas19.

John Franklin joined Company B, 43 Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry on March 10, 1862. The unit mustered at Big Shanty, Georgia in April, 1862 with men from Cherokee, Cobb, Pickens, Hall, Forsyth, Jefferson and Jackson Counties. The unit moved to Tennessee and then to Mississippi where it was under the command of General Barton. It took an active part in the battles of Chickasaw Bayou, Champion's Hill (Baker's Creek) and surrendered when Vicksburg fell.

John Franklin was captured at the Battle of Baker's Creek on May 16, 1863. He was paroled at Fort Delaware in 1863 and received at City Point, Virginia for exchange on August 1, 1863. A roll dated April 30, 1864 shows him "at home sick". Pension records show that he was on sick furlough at the end of the war.

Military service: March 10, 1862, Company B, 43 Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry

v. EVE ABERNATHY20, b. Abt. 1846, Lincoln County, North Carolina20; m. ? EAKER.
7. vi. NATHAN J. ABERNATHY, b. January 28, 1849, Bartow County, Georgia; d. December 31, 1917, Georgia.
vii. MINARCHAS H. ABERNATHY21, b. Abt. 185321.

4. DANIEL7 ABERNATHY (NATHAN6, MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1)22 was born April 1818 in Lincoln County, North Carolina23, and died March 13, 1904 in Bartow County, Georgia24. He married SARAH E. COLEY Abt. 1846, daughter of MORGAN COLEY and NANCY BULLARD.

Burial: Old Macedonia Cemetery

More About SARAH E. COLEY:
Burial: Old Macedonia Cemetery

i. MARY8 ABERNATHY, b. August 09, 1847; d. December 05, 1906; m. JACOB RUEBEN PARKER.
ii. URSULA ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1849, Bartow County, Georgia; d. Abt. 1868.
iii. JOHN THOMAS ABERNATHY, b. June 30, 1850, Bartow County, Georgia; d. February 29, 1928, Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia.
iv. ELIZA JANE ABERNATHY, b. March 18, 1852, Bartow County, Georgia; d. May 03, 1932, Bartow County, Georgia; m. JAMES MONROE KNIGHT, December 31, 1874, Bartow County, Georgia.
vi. ANDREW SIDNEY ABERNATHY, b. January 1856, Bartow County, Georgia; d. September 30, 1926, Georgia.

Burial: Old Macedonia Cemetery

vii. ELIHUE TENSLEY ABERNATHY, b. June 25, 1859, Bartow County, Georgia; d. February 26, 1932, Bartow County, Georgia.
viii. DANIEL BARTOW ABERNATHY, b. December 15, 1861, Bartow County, Georgia; d. August 03, 1938, Panola County, Texas.
x. FRANCIS M. ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1864; d. Bef. 1900.
xi. WILLIAM ROBERT ABERNATHY, b. November 01, 1865, Bartow County, Georgia; d. November 14, 1954, Bartow County, Georgia.
xii. ? ABERNATHY, b. Bef. 1870.

5. JAMES ALEXANDER7 ABERNATHY (NATHAN6, MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1)25 was born November 1821 in Lincoln County, North Carolina26, and died September 17, 1905 in Big Fork, Polk County, Arkansas. He married MARY P. VANDIVER27 in Georgia.

Burial: September 1905, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Polk County

Burial: February 1897, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Polk County

i. SARAH ANN8 ABERNATHY27, b. Abt. 1846.
ii. LAURA M. ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1849.
iii. NANCY ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1852.
iv. MAGARET ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1854.
vi. PHILIP M. ABERNATHY, b. August 1858.
vii. CYNTHIA ABERNATHY, b. January 16, 1863.
viii. JAMES ALEXANDER ABERNATHY, b. July 27, 1865.
ix. MARY PARSINA ABERNATHY, b. September 08, 1867.
x. JOSHUA ABERNATHY, b. June 07, 1870.

6. LINFORD7 ABERNATHY (NATHAN6, MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1)28 was born Abt. 1823 in Lincoln County, North Carolina28, and died March 1903 in Bartow County, Georgia. He married MICAH ?.

Children of LINFORD ABERNATHY and MICAH ? are:
i. WILSON8 ABERNATHY, b. Abt. 1845.
ii. SILAS M. ABERNATHY, b. October 1846.
iii. LARKEN ALLEN ABERNATHY, b. April 07, 1850.
iv. WILLIAM W. ABERNATHY, b. 1852.
v. JOHN M. ABERNATHY, b. July 1853.
vi. AARON ABERNATHY, b. 1857.
vii. JENNY ABERNATHY, b. 1859.
viii. VIANNA ABERNATHY, b. 1860.

Generation No. 3

7. NATHAN J.8 ABERNATHY (SETH7, NATHAN6, MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1)29 was born January 28, 1849 in Bartow County, Georgia30, and died December 31, 1917 in Georgia30. He married NARCISSUS CORDELIA FAULKNER31 November 22, 1874 in Yell County, Arkansas32, daughter of JOHN FAULKNER and DIGA.

When Seth Abernathy moved his family to Yell County, Arkansas after the war, Narcissus

On October 25, 1899, Nathan executed a Homestead Exemption in Bartow County (REFERENCE: Bartow County Execution Docket Book 1885-1905, p330).

Schedule of property belonging to N. J. Abernathy who is head of the family consisting of himself, his wife Narcissa C. Abernathy, and five minor children to wit: Marian, aged 19 yrs - Florida aged 16 yrs - Eliza aged 14yrs - Sethie aged 11 yrs, and George aged 6 yrs. Claimed to be exempt from levy and sale by virtue of any process whatsoever under the special provision of the constitution and statutes of said state.

-One wagon for working oxen-
-Fifty dollars worth of provisions for the family consisting of seventy five
bushels of corn - $30.00 and twenty dollars worth of meal - $20.00
and eighteen gallons of sorghum - $5.00
-1000 # Fodder - $10.00, 45 Bu. cotton, and $5.00 <5
-Household and furniture to wit:
4 bedsteads, beds and bedding
6 chairs. One table. Cookstove and vessels.
Table Crockery - one clock, shot gun
wearing apparel of the family

N. J. Abernathy

Filed in the office approved and recorded this 25th day of October, 1899.
G. W. Hendricks

Burial: Old Macedonia Cemetary, Bartow County
Namesake: Nathan Abernathy(Grandfather)
Occupation: Farmer

When Seth Abernathy moved his family to Yell County, Arkansas after the war, a young Narcissus Faulkner may have accompanied them. She shows as a member of Seth's household on the 1870 Yell County Census. Narcissus and Nathan were married in Seth's home on November 22, 1874.

Narcissus was apparently from Georgia rather than Arkansas. On every census record she is shown as being born in Georgia. Seth's brother Zephaniah also married a Faulkner.

Narcissus first appears in the 1860 Yell County Arkansas Census as Narcissa Fortner. The following information is from the census record:

1860 Yell Co. AR
Ward, Petit Jean PO, p. 1138, #1001-1001, 8 Aug
John Fortner 53 abt 1807 NC (m) Farmer, $600/300
Diga Fortner 47 abt 1813 GA (f)
Soloman W Fortner 20 abt 1840 GA (m)
[note: aged 15 yrs in next 10 & lived next to Elihu Abernathy]
John W Fortner 10 abt 1850 GA (m)
Narcissa Fortner 7 abt 1853 GA (f)
Cicero W Fortner 6 abt 1854 GA (m)

1860 Yell Co. AR
Ward, Petit Jean PO, p. 1139, #1002-1002,, 8 Aug
Rowsan s Fortner 22 abt 1838 GA (m)
Sarah Ann Fortner 24 abt 1836 GA (f)
Algein Fortner 2 abt 1858 GA (m)

John Faulkner is found in the 1840 Houston County Georgia Census. He is listed as age 30-40. His wife is age 20-30 and his son is under 5.

Burial: Old Macedonia Cemetary, Bartow County

i. KATTIE E.9 ABERNATHY33, b. January 25, 187734.
8. ii. MARION FELIX ABERNATHY, b. June 26, 1880, Bartow County, Georgia; d. December 16, 1947, Kennesaw, Cobb, Georgia.
iii. FLORIDA M. ABERNATHY35, b. December 188235.
iv. ELIZA A. ABERNATHY35, b. February 188635.
v. SETH JOSEPH ABERNATHY35, b. October 188835.

Generation No. 4

8. MARION FELIX9 ABERNATHY (NATHAN J.8, SETH7, NATHAN6, MILES5 ABERNETHY, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born June 26, 1880 in Bartow County, Georgia, and died December 16, 1947 in Kennesaw, Cobb, Georgia37. He married SALLIE JOHNSON Abt. 1900 in Georgia, daughter of K. JOHNSON and SARAH MITCHELL.

i. WILLIAM HOWARD10 ABERNATHY, b. December 16, 1900.
ii. DOVIE EATHER ABERNATHY, b. February 22, 1902.
iii. ERNEST ABERNATHY, b. June 23, 1903.
iv. WALTER T. ABERNATHY, b. February 06, 1904.
v. MARION FELIX ABERNATHY, b. March 02, 1907.
vi. LEACY IRENE ABERNATHY, b. November 02, 1908.
vii. ODELL ABERNATHY, b. November 25, 1910.
viii. RUBY LEE ABERNATHY, b. November 26, 1912.
ix. CLIFF ABERNATHY, b. May 29, 1914.
x. MARSELLE PAULINE ABERNATHY, b. August 04, 1915.
9. xi. DAVID ADRON ABERNATHY, b. January 20, 1918, Cobb County, Georgia; d. May 26, 1990, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia.


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