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Nathan J. and Narcissus Cordelia Faulkner Abernathy



Nathan J. Abernathy, son of Seth Abernathy and Elizabeth Bradshaw, husband of Narcissus Cordelia Faulkner.

Narcissus Cordelia Faulkner, wife of Nathan J. Abernathy.

From a genealogical report:

On October 25, 1899, Nathan executed a Homestead Exemption in Bartow County (REFERENCE: Bartow County Execution Docket Book 1885-1905, p330).

Schedule of property belonging to N. J. Abernathy who is head of the family consisting of himself, his wife Narcissa C. Abernathy, and five minor children to wit: Marian, aged 19 yrs - Florida aged 16 yrs - Eliza aged 14 yrs - Sethie aged 11 yrs, and George aged 6 yrs. Claimed to be exempt from levy and sale by virtue of any process whatsoever under the special provision of the constitution and statutes of said state.

-One wagon for working oxen-
-Fifty dollars worth of provisions for the family consisting of seventy five
bushels of corn - $30.00 and twenty dollars worth of meal - $20.00
and eighteen gallons of sorghum - $5.00
-1000 # Fodder - $10.00, 45 Bu. cotton, and $5.00 <5
-Household and furniture to wit:
4 bedsteads, beds and bedding
6 chairs. One table. Cookstove and vessels.
Table Crockery - one clock, shot gun
wearing apparel of the family

N. J. Abernathy

Filed in the office approved and recorded this 25th day of October, 1899.
G. W. Hendricks


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