Old Macedonia Cemetery

Zepheniah "Zeff" M. Abernathy, Susanna Hail Atkinson
and Josie Clay


Zepheniah "Zeff/Ziff" M. Abernathy, son of Nathan Abernathy and Eve Cline, husband of Susanna "Susan" Hail Atkinson (daughter of James Atkinson and Martha Greenhill Faulkner), Adaline Gravitt, and Jose/Joanna Clay. Two of his wives are buried beside him, one on each side. One wife is buried in Alabama where the family lived for some time.

It is believed by one researcher that of Zepheniah's three wives, the ones buried at Macedonia are Susanna and Josie. I am listing them here, unless new info states otherwise.

Josie Clay Abernathy

The Cartersville News - September 24, 1908

Mineral Springs

We are sorry to state that Mrs. Z Abernathy is dead.


In a May 4, 1893 edition of the Courant American Newspaper, Cartersville, Georgia, Zepheniah tells of the disappearance of his daughter Lillie's husband William Jones.

The Courant American Newspaper Cartersville, Georgia

Strangely Absent

Mr. Zephenia Abernathy, an humble but worthy old citizen of the Stamp Creek District, was in town the other day and to the Courant American related a short tale of woe regarding the sudden disappearance of a son-in-law, without notice to his family or special provisions for their sustenance while he may be absent. Said he, “W. H. Jones some years ago came down in these parts from Tennessee, and as we found had run away from home. He sprung a courtship with my daughter Lillie, and though they were neither scarcely eighteen, before any one or they themselves knew what they were about were married. They now have three children. My daughter is attractive, and was a kind true, industrious and dutiful wife and mother, and there was no excuse for his leaving his family, without cause or ceremony, having come to Cartersville more than three week ago since which time we have not seen or heard of him. He is an engineer by trade. He was a smart young fellow, and but for that wandering spirit which I fear this time has got the better of his judgment and reason, might be all right.”


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Old Macedonia Cemetery, Bartow County, Georgia