Old Macedonia Cemetery

Nicholas and Elizabeth Abernathy Atkinson


Nicholas Faulkner Atkinson, son of James Atkinson and Martha Greenhill Faulkner, husband of Elizabeth Abernathy.

Elizabeth "Betsie" Abernathy, wife of Nicholas Faulkner Atkinson.

Elizabeth's death certificate is for Cherokee County, Georgia under the name Betsie Adkison. Her father is listed as Andy Abernathy.

Elizabeth Abernathy Atkinson

Tribune News (Cartersville, Georgia) May 25, 1921

Clear Creek

Mrs. Betsy Adkinson, of Cherokee, was laid to rest at Macedonia Cemetery last Thursday. She is survived by many relatives and friends. We all sympathize with her many bereaved relatives.

Nicholas Faulkner Atkinson

The follow story comes from Allen Atkinson who maintains the Atkinsons in North Georgia website:

Civil War story
Added by adkerson51 on 27 Mar 2008

Nicholas F Atkinson joined the Confederate Army at Big Shanty, Cobb Co,
Georgia as a Private on March 26, 1862. He was a member of Company H,
18th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. On
June 27, 1862, Nicholas was "slightly wounded in the shoulder" in the
Battle of Gaine's Mill. He was admitted at Chimborazo Hospital No. 3,
Richmond, Virginia on June 30, 1862, and was transferred to the CSA
General Hospital at Danville, Virginia on July 3, 1862. He returned to
duty July 6, 1862. On September 17, 1862, his unit was engaged in the
Battle of Antietam at Sharpsburg, Virginia. On November 26, 1862,
Nicholas was admitted at General Hospital No. 13 in Richmond with
"catarrh fever" (old term for inflammation of the mucuos membranes of the
nose and throat). On December 3, 1862, he was given 30 days furlough. On
May 25, 1863, he wrote a letter to 2nd Auditor in Richmond requesting
that the pay and clothing of Pvt Elijah Abernathy, who died that same
month, be forwarded to his widow, Mary L Abernathy, in Bartow Co, Ga.
Nicholas was wounded "in the side" and captured by the enemy at the
Battle of Gettysburg on or about July 5, 1863. His grandson, Judson Leroy
Atkinson, says that he was told by his father, Hardy Atkinson, that
Nicholas was hit by a stray bullet while cleaning his rifle under a
bridge. On July 21, 1863 he was sent to DeCamp General Hospital, David's
Island, New York Harbor. Official records state that Nicholas appears on
a roll of prisoners of war paroled at City Point, Virginia on September
8, 1863 and his name appears on a "muster roll of a detachment of paroled
and exchanged prisoners at Camp Lee, near Richmond, Virginia," dated
September 16, 1863. The records also show that he received $22 pay for
the period September 1, 1863-October 31, 1863. He was paid on December
14, 1863. A muster roll dated December 14, 1864, states that Nicholas was
last paid on May 1, 1864, and that he has "Gone to the Yankees." A muster
roll dated July 2, 1864 says Nicholas was "Absent without leave since Nov
1863." A muster roll dated January 31, 1865 says "Absent without leave
gone to the enemy." When his widow, Elizabeth, applied for a pension
based on his service on March 11, 1901, his brother, John Francis
Atkinson, and two others, W H Barron and W W Cotton, all members of Co H,
18th Regiment, when asked if Nicholas was with his regiment at the
surrender, answered "No. He was in prison, having been captured."


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